51 Tips For Growing a Vegetable Garden eBook

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SETTING UP YOUR Growing a Vegetable Garden
1. Size
The first thing that you need to do is decide how much
space you need to plant your garden. Depending on this
space, figure out how many plants to plant.
2. Light
Vegetable gardens need plenty of sunlight. Generally
speaking, the more sun the better. Don’t plant your garden
too close to trees or anything else that will shade it too
3. Raised Beds
Vegetables need good drainage when they grow, so it’s a
good idea to plant them in raised beds. You can make these
out of cement blocks or wood. If you don’t have these
resources, you can plant on raised mounds of dirt.
4. Preparation
There are so many varieties of tomatoes to choose from.
It’s a good idea to plant tomatoes when the soil is warm,
after danger of frost is over.
5. Planting
If you’re planting dwarf plants, place them 12 inches apart
in the row. If you’re planting staked plants, place them 15
to 24 inches apart.
6. Watering
Tomatoes need plenty of water, especially during dry
summers. Water them thoroughly every couple of days.
Tomatoes in containers may need daily or even more
frequent watering.
7. Harvesting
You’ll know when your tomatoes are ready when they’re
firm and fully colored. In hot summer weather, pick your
tomatoes every day or two. Even after they’re picked,
they’ll continue to ripen slowly over the next several